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The insurance companies we represent specialize in older homes as well as newer ones.  We will help you establish the proper replacement cost of your home, secondary home or investment property.  Although the homeowner and dwelling policies are very comprehensive, there are important limitations and exclusions you should be aware of and we will discuss these with you


Not all auto policies are the same.  Adequate liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist limits are especially critical as well as coverage for physical damage to the vehicle.  One of our services includes a consultation with a newly minted young driver to stress the importance of safe driving.   


Jewelry, antiques, art and other valuables need to be specifically addressed in your policy.  Blanket coverage is available for multiple items as well as the ability to schedule high value items. Proper valuations are an important aspect of your coverage.


Whether a weekend sailboat or a high seas yacht, the watercraft you enjoy needs a separate marine policy to protect your investment.  We can make sure you have the proper coverage.

Personal Liability

If you are sued do you have enough protection?  Umbrella policies offer liability limits in excess of your underlying policies in $1 million increments.  These policies offer relatively inexpensive protection.

Signing a Contract

Other Insurance 

We provide many other insurance products to meet your needs, including:

Flood Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Life Insurance


Medical Insurance

Long Term Care 

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